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Q: What The Fuck is Trash Tiki?!

Iain and Kelsey

A: We Don't Know Yet

This could be a really fun, informative platform that helps raise awareness and more importantly, solutions, to the insane amounts of waste the food & drink industry is producing every year... fuck that - every night! But we're gonna need your help on that one, ya feel?!

Giving 'Sustainability' A Personality Injection

If we had to break it down in a nutshell for you right now though...

Trash Tiki is a pop up and online platform that seeks to create all ingredients for a tiki bar, from off cuts, unsold products and other raw materials otherwise destined for the bin.

It is fully open sourced so that anyone around the world can be inspired and start changing the environmental impact of their bar, tonight. 

To raise awareness of Trash Tiki and the greater message for bars and restaurants to start being more sustainable,  we the founders, Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths, are going to undertake something of a tour and take this shit on the road to as many cities as we can.

Call it low impact, sustainability or what ever else you like, we're going to inject some life and emotion back in to the cold dead corpse that this conversation has become. We're going to show you that reducing your environmental impact, has an emotional and economical impact that should put a smile on your dial.

And hopefully we can get a few of your more serious cocktail jerks to lighten up, have some fun and listen to some better fucking music for once


No one needs another lecture on how modern society is beating the shit out of mother nature on a daily basis. What we do need is some fucking answers and inspiration, and we hope we can be just that. Its not about overhauling your whole program, but taking the smaller steps and finding inspiration in our recipes, methods and attitude.

This shit isn't going to change the world, but our recipes mean you will consume a lot less and still have tasty as fuck drinks. If that one step can be part of, if not the beginning to, the larger conversation the food & drink world needs to have with itself about our approach to waste, then hell yeah we think we should take it.