Basic Bitch Tepache

Basic Bitch Tepache

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Lets face it, the one thing that bars need a lot of is juice. Particularly in the tiki business. In fact, one particularly secretive prick when asked for his recipes responded to media with 'rum and juice'. By way of this fact we often end up with loads of pulp, rinds and other scraps that would otherwise get chucked in the bin. 

There is so much flavour in that stuff!

A mega problem bars have is the sheer volume of the shit. Get this, juice 5 pineapples and you'll probably wind up with more pulp than you do juice. You already have a pineapple flavour in your drinks, as does every other bartender wearing a 3 piece suit and a fucking mustache. DO SOMETHING MORE INTERESTING, put down the 3 foot barspoon, and ferment some shit.

We did this one with pineapple, but you can do it with any other fruit pulp you have provided it has fibre, moisture and acidity. BONUS, you can dump it all in there, skins, core, pulp, whatever. Just don't use the leaves, they are too bitter and a bit weird.

This recipe is so simple, lob it all in a container and leave for 3-5 days. Cover it but DON'T SEAL IT. We don't need anyone winding up with a prep area that looks like a mutant pineapple shat everywhere. You can buy a fermentation tub and an air lock if you wish to keep the aroma under control, but a container covered with a cloth and tied with string will do fine as well. 

Basic Bitch Tepache

1 pineapple- rinds, pulp, core, whatever. If you have juice that you cant use at the end of the night, lob that in there as well.
1 L water
1 cinnamon stick
5 cloves
20 all spice berries
1g (ish) yeast
250 g sugar

A note on the yeast: We have used all kinds! It works really nicely with brewers yeast, but we have used Sauternes yeast and different wine yeasts as well. They all produce different and unique flavours. There will be package directions for how much to use to give you an idea (we like to waive it about like fairy dust as a measurement). Keep the remainder in the fridge, it is a living thing.

Leave it to ferment at room temperature (consistency is the key here!) for a few days, tasting it when you feel like it. The longer you leave it, the more sugar the yeast will consume and the dryer it will be. When fermentation is at point you're happy with, strain off the pulp and refrigerate your tasty af tepache!

Oh - and keep back a little of the pulp and juice  together with a fresh bump of sugar, this becomes what's known as the "mother" and you can add a touch in to the next batch to get it moving quicker.


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