Trash Tai


As our signature serve, this bad boy sets out to set the standard for everything we're aiming to achieve. Interesting flavours presented in a simple form that is god damn delicious and doesn't fuck up the planet along the way. Easy, right?!

This one is heavy in preparation, but that also as we wanted to flex a little and show just how much deliciousness people are tossing out every day.

The balance of flavour on this one always make it an easy see too, think the middle point between a classic Mai Tai and Margarita. Fuck yeah.

Trash Tai

50ml Pit Stop Rum
20ml O&B Curacao
20ml Cafe Orgeat
20ml Pink Citrus

Add all ingredients to tin and give a quick shake ("3 mississippi") over cubed ice

Strain into a 10oz Hi Ball or Half Pint glass that is rimmed with Pink Citrus Salt 

Best drunk with a friend while listening to Frank Cart & The Rattlesnakes who are fucking rad!!