Apple Pulp Sweet n' Sour


This is one of our favourite recipes/ingredients to date and probably the one we’ve been asked for the most. Something that started from our time rolling with the Dandelyan homies and continues to feature there and Super Lyan in various incarnations, as well as being championed at the WastED London at Selfridges Rooftop pop up we rocked and now on pretty much every menu we drop.

Juice pulp is something an increasing number of bars, restaurants and manufacturers are producing as waste every single day. Using a centrifugal or cold press juicer, it the fibrous mush that is spit out the back and goes straight to the bin. However there is still an insane amount of flavour and texture to be taken from this and used again (and again)!

Our intended use for the recipe below is to make a sweeter and acidifier in one as a base for our Pulp Daq. But if you want more flavour, just use more pulp (obvs) or if using a different kind of pulp, pineapple is killer for this, have a play around with your acid ratio. Basically, as is the purpose with this entire platform, use this as inspiration to go and do you rad shit - then post about it and tag us in it :)


Apple Pulp Sweet n' Sour

You're going to need

  • A blender; anything from a stick blender to a Thermomix (you fancy huh?!) or just a good ol’ Vitamix will do
  • Scales (.01g & 2000g)
  • 2 x 3L jugs
  • Super Bag or Chinois
  • 450g Caster Sugar
  • 300ml Room Temp Water
  • 100g Apple Pulp
  • Malic Acid 
  • Citric Acid



  1. Add the pulp, sugar and water to your chosen weapon of blending and give it a good blitz. You want the sugar fully dissolved and even colour through out it all. Adding the sugar in stages helps if you’re making a super duper large batch of this deliciousness
  2. Pass the liquid through your strainer. Leaving hanging as long as you can, Super Bag’s help here as you can give a good squeeze to help get the most out of it
  3. Measure your liquid and add 4% Malic acid and 1% Citric Acid. I.e. if the liquid is 500ml then add 20g Malic and 5g Citric Acid. That might sound like a lot but remember we’re using this as the acidifier as well as the sweetener. 
  4. Blitz again to fully disperse and dissolve acids.
  5. Bottle that shit up, label and store in the fridge. Will keep for a good week or so.
  6. BONUS POINTS: Spread the pulp you’ve just strained nice and thin on a tray and dehydrate to make tasty little pulp crisps you can use as a garnish!


Thats it. Pretty simple and ultimately a killer way to eschew the need for fresh citrus juice. The fibre in the pulp helps give the drink body and for us, we think our Pulp Daq is pretty fucking tasty!