Honey Cream

Honey Cream

Changing texture in classic cocktails, 99% of the time means egg white. While in Tiki drinks, texture is a lot more of a focus as when you start working with puree’s and sweet nectar of the gods like coco Lopez. What we learnt quite quickly when making anti-waste tiki drinks, is that texture is a mother fucking pain in the arse to figure out how to add in to a drink. 

We’ve has some killer success with our Pit Stop Rum but when you move past the OG tiki drinks of the 30 & 40’s, you start to see more recipes with richer elements such as above and thus, our pain in arse becomes more apparent.

Enter the humble egg yolk. While it’s hardly a new innovation to put egg yolk in a drink (Golden Fizzes FTW), we needed something that was more stable, and didn’t have that egg funk that can sometimes be present. From there it was a pretty easy to build in the other elements we needed. As the default ratio when trying something new is equal parts, this one wound up becoming a pretty easy slam dunk.

So, the other waste element of this is little number is whey. Whey is made when you split milk, however when this happens, the solids are what most people are interested for as curds, with a whole lotta love and time become delicious cheese. Anytime you here the words “local cheese maker” you should know that means someone in your hood is having to throw out LOADS (literally) of whey. We’ve never head anyone say no to us coming and snagging a few litres (in fact in some cities we’ve had people reach out in advance). You can also just make your own and then have delicious ricotta to eat, its really simple and there loads of information out there on it, but this site was a good guide for us from the get go.

Anyway, so you gots your egg yolks you saved and refrigerated from last nights shift as well as having hustled some whey (promise, it’s so easy to come by or make). We needed a sweetener that also added some body (ody) to this and so the defaults like white Demerara simply weren’t gonna cut it. One of nature’s greatest and shelf stable gifts to the rescue, honey! We particularly liked this as it also means that if you hit your local honey producers, you’ll get a “Honey Cream” recipe that is totally to your area.


Honey Cream

  • 250g Egg Yolks

  • 250ml Whey

  • 250ml Honey

  • 1L Measuring jug

  • Stick blender

  1. Add all ingredients to the one vessel

  2. Blend & store cold


Like we said, in terms of prep this guy is pretty easy and its applications are many. When rocking the WastED London pop-up in March, we used it as a sub for both sugar and egg white in a very fucking delicious Whisky Sour. We’ve reduced the whey on some occasions to give a richer caramel note to the ingredient (still make sure you use equal parts!) and have even played around with infusing the whey with skins of tropical fruit like mango to really make this a fruit, sweet, textural trifecta that needs nothing more then a great whack of rum and a spike of citrus or citrus stock to make it pop

Holler at us with any questions you might have and if experimenting with recipes be sure to tag us when you post online


JB Gin Swaz

JB Gin Swaz

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