10,000 Bartenders & The Bar Of Tomorrow

10,000 Bartenders & The Bar Of Tomorrow

We're back! Sorry to anyone following closely & wondering where the heck we've been. We quite honestly needed 6 months of down time and self care. We rocked a million drinks at the TO Miracle pop up, took a month long holiday, did some super gross mushy love stuff & are now feeling a lot more like ourselves once more :)

One very, very cool thing we did recently was firm up a long standing relationship we've had the with Pernod Ricard and their Global Sustainability department, as the Global Sustainability Ambassadors for Pernod Ricard in conjunction with the launch of their 2030 Roadmap, "Good Times From A Good Place".

The roadmap is ambitious A.F. to say the least but already some of the conversations out of it have us wildly excited for the kinda shit that we're going to help achieve. Key to our role in this all is to train some 10,000 bartenders on what "the Bar of Tomorrow" will look like. No biggie.... *screams internally*

How'd this all come about? Well the Pernod brands family are some of the key brands we've worked with since day one. In fact the week before we launched, Kelsey won the Global Tahona Society Cocktail Competition with a drink heavy on the Trash Tiki vibes we were about to launch, and the first bartender education we ever carried out was with our pal Meimi Sanchez & Havana Club.

We also have always been outspoken about the importance of engaging and working alongside brands, without surrendering your creative control. Some, prefer to sit on their laptop posting rants for a few hundred likes, but we’ve always been proud of saying we are “punks with a plan” that would rather be involved in helping create real change. This is a gruelling, and oft less rewarding means of going about change, but we also see it being key to ensuring this idea of a better tomorrow becomes a true evolution and not the trend some wish to decry it to be.


We would never in a million years write about this new partnership without highlighting the wonderful human (pictured right with us) who has been key to this all. We first met Noemi while speaking at the Global Drinks Forum in Berlin in 2017 after a presentation that included a slide on how bad it is for the environment to be melting precious metals to make P.O.S (#awkward).

Afterwards, finding out Pernod's Global Sustainability dept. was in the audience and wanted to meet, we rolled up the sleeves and got ready to throw down, but instead had a lovely conversation about affecting positive change (and probably about straws cos it was 2017 lol) then later that night saw the whole GSD crew in our rave. We felt good vibes.

Since then having built a great relationship and executed some great activations together with Noemi, VP Vanessa Wright and the team, we've been excited to solidify everything and get to work on doing our bit for making the 2030 Roadmap a reality.

From removing the gender pay gap company wide within 3 years, to all plastic P.O.S. from every brand gone by 2025 the roadmap comes with many points that we're keen to play role in, plus with education platforms like Absolut's Green Hustle already underway and our beloved Altos' exciting new direction for the Tahona Society, we're stoked to be involved in so many different aspects of shaping what the Bar of Tomorrow looks like.

There is an eye watering investment going into biodiversity projects each year and for us, we’re hoping to use the platform and educational models we create to be more online-centric to ensure that travelling, particularly flying, to deliver education becomes unnecessary. We’re hoping to cut our travel in half by 2020 and developing these models will be key to achieving such.

We also really want to thank Pernod for allowing us to continue our work with other craft brands that have supported us along the way. Acknowledging that the conversation is bigger than any one of us, be that individual or company, is such a crucial step at the beginning of positive change. Our mutual understanding that sustainability is a journey and not a goal any one entity can own, has us really stoked to be working together to take those leading steps to reducing our industries impact.

This was all launched via a 1 hour live television broadcast (recorded and viewable right here) where you can Boss Babe Bob chat more on it plus you can find a bunch more info right here. We’ve also added some of the infographics Pernod has made below for a snapshot of the information delivered.

So that's it! Really it's just gonna be business as usual here with just a few very exciting additional tasks at hand and many more opportunities to reach even more of y’all!

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