Trash Turkey: Talesgate

Trash Turkey: Talesgate

An outrageously good spread of game-day eats and fancy drinks that will be flowing all set with in walls (and parking lot) of America’s most hyped sandwich shop.

Trash Tiki’s crew is coming together with iconic New Orleans venue, Turkey & the Wolf, to throw a chilled vibes Tailgate party. Deliberately outside of the French Quarter craziness, and partnered up with a staple of the Louisiana killer food scene, this will mark the second Trash Turkey party, and a first for Tales. 

In partnership by the very fun peeps at Campari Group, this party will be the first chance to try a brand new drinks format from The Trash Collective. More details on “Plonk” via in the coming weeks!

Entry is cold crisp five dollar bill that gets you a plate of tasty food from Turkey & The Wolf’s kitchen, all drinks will be $5 a pop, plus bring your cash to get a special tee, up for grabs for one day only.

Turkey & The Wolf is a fabulous restaurant that is no stranger to a queue. We will hit capacity early, this is not one to show up fashionably late to! 

  • Location: Turkey & the Wolf - 739 Jackson Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA

  • Date: Thursday, July 18

  • Time: 6pm to 9pm

  • Cost: $5 entry with a plate of food, $5 drinks & $20 tee’s

  • Invitees: Open to the public & Tales attendee’s alike. There is no advance tickets to this event.

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