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Citrus Stock & Stuice

Citrus is like the final frontier of modern craft cocktail culture. First, we burned the 90’s thinking with truly “classic” bars that used fresh squeezed to order. Then as the movement spread and fresh reached bigger volume bars, the question was about how long fresh could last so that “to order” could be done away with in the name of speed of service. Molecular saw the advent of manipulating flavour and textures within citrus and the ascent of citric, malic, et. al. acids into our lexicon. Hell, some jack asses even had a whole bar with no fresh products ;)

O&B Orange Curaçao (WIP)

When thinking of liquor (other than rum) that provides the backbone to many a Tiki classic, it's hard not to arrive at the equally beloved and bastardised curaçao. However, somewhere along the way this classic ingredient got mixed up in a myriad of colour experimentations that we're just going to pretend don't exist just now

Pit Stop Rum

In 2015, the UK managed to spend over £200m on avocados. Yup. Don't get us wrong, they're fucking delicious, and the fact British people now consume food that is a colour other than grey should always be applauded, but that's also a lot of pits and skins getting tossed.

Those pits (we're working on a recipe for the skins as we type) are full of oils and flavour and colour and basically everything that makes a food and drink delicious, so we figured it's time to put them to good use.

Pink Citrus Salt

This is an easy one, but first you've gotta have made our Pink Citrus which you can go and do right here!

So, surprisingly, despite the fact most bars treat citrus as a one and done kind of ingredient, those suckers have a shit load to offer. And most of it as you've seen with the previous recipe, lies in the skin.

Basic Bitch Tepache

Lets face it, the one thing that bars need a lot of is juice. Particularly in the tiki business. In fact, one particularly secretive prick when asked for his recipes responded to media with 'rum and juice'. By way of this fact we often end up with loads of pulp, rinds and other scraps that would otherwise get chucked in the bin. 

There is so much flavour in that stuff!