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O&B Orange Curaçao (WIP)

When thinking of liquor (other than rum) that provides the backbone to many a Tiki classic, it's hard not to arrive at the equally beloved and bastardised curaçao. However, somewhere along the way this classic ingredient got mixed up in a myriad of colour experimentations that we're just going to pretend don't exist just now

Pit Stop Rum

In 2015, the UK managed to spend over £200m on avocados. Yup. Don't get us wrong, they're fucking delicious, and the fact British people now consume food that is a colour other than grey should always be applauded, but that's also a lot of pits and skins getting tossed.

Those pits (we're working on a recipe for the skins as we type) are full of oils and flavour and colour and basically everything that makes a food and drink delicious, so we figured it's time to put them to good use.