Cafe Orgeat


Orgeat is a cocktail bar staple whether you're blasting out Mai Tai's for the masses or knocking up a tasty wee Cameron's Kick for someone who wants to up their Sour game. This is one of the first recipes we tackled when embarking on Trash Tiki and to date remains one of our favourites - simple, easy to tweak to your own taste (turbinado sugar kicks ass as a substitute) and most importantly, is a great showcase of how much tasty flavour we're chucking in the bin everyday. Consume less, make extra tasty drinks and show your guests that you want them to #drinklikeyougiveafuck too!



1 kg Boiling Water

1 kg Granulated Sugar

2 Almond Croissants

  • Don't buy that shit, just hit up your local cafe and ask them to not throw out what they don't sell. You want these for the sugar and the butter/oil so ain't no thing is they're a day or two old by the time you use them

100ml white rum


  1. Vat all and store covered for minimum 12 hours. Stir occasionally.
  2. Blitz the shit out of it (stick blender or vitamix - doesn't matter) until croissants are fully destroyed
  3. Filter. We use super bags as they're reusable and when you got lots of prep happening at once, can just hang em up over a tub and walk away.
  4. Store cold and air tight