It's no secret that the skin of any citrus has oils-a-plenty and with those oils come loads of flavour and aroma. Blasting spent lime husks with a bunch of boiling water is a great way of stripping out those tasty flavour and aromas and while yes, eventually even the recipe does break down like lime juice itself, we still always get a solid 48 hours before this tends to happen.

To make sure this really is the business, we're using hibiscus (good to be re-used up to 3 or 4 times) to make it pink and pretty, a touch of agave to give it weight in a drink like fresh citrus does, and citric and malic acid to help give it the acidity of lime juice.


1L Water

10g Dried Hibiscus

6 Squeezed Lime Husks (Halves)

10 % agave syrup by weight

31.5g Citric Acid

10.5g Malic Acid


  1. Pop the water on the heat and add the hibiscus immediately (it's got sod all flavour and really is there just so this doesn't look brown when you finish). Don't let the water boil, but let it simmer for 5 mins or so.
  2. With your husks in heat proof container, pour the hibiscus tea over the lime and let stand for a full 5 minutes
  3. Strain and measure volume. As the lime as porous they'll usually actually absorb a bunch of water and so we've found for every litre of water you wind up with around 700ml yield. Different citrus at different times of the year will have different results so do measure your yield each time!
  4. Add the agave (10% of yield) as well as citric and malic acid (6% total at a ratio of 3:1 citri to malic) and stir till dissolved.


Bottle that shit up, cool it down and there you have it, TT Pink Citrus thats ready to go!! We've found when using in long drinks it requires around 10-15ml for a balanced drink but see what works for your bar and when shaking with Pink Citrus, keep it short and sweet as there is already a touch extra dilution going on! 

Pink Citrus Salt


This is an easy one, but first you've gotta have made our Pink Citrus which you can go and do right here!

So, surprisingly, despite the fact most bars treat citrus as a one and done kind of ingredient, those suckers have a shit load to offer. And most of it as you've seen with the previous recipe, lies in the skin.

We all know salt makes things even tastier, but it's also damn good at extracting and what we're going to do below is use it to drain the last bits of flavour from the limes.

This makes for a killer garnish or to use a pinch to make your drinks pop, particularly anything with vermouth or sherry in it.



1kg Leftover from your Pink Citrus batch

  • Make sure it's a good mix of lime and hibiscus that is strained off. It can be damp, just not wet

Shit Loads (technical measurement) of Maldon Salt or the like

  • Buy it in bulk though because they're box packaging is a load of shit and completely unnecessary. And let's be honest, you're going to need delicious salt again in your life soon.


  1. Pop the leftovers in a food safe, high sided container
  2. Slowly cover leftovers with salt, giving the container a good shake to ensure it get in all the gaps. Don't have more than an a few inches of salt above where the leftovers stop
  3. Cover the container and place in a safe place out of the way for 2 days, giving it a little shake up when you remember to
  4. Pour all your rad new Pink Citrus Salt into a new container without any of the lime or hibiscus and store air tight at room temp