The almighty avocado, it has become to coffee shops what the pineapple has become to bartenders. A symbol to be made into pins, tattooed on oneself and 'gramed ad-fucking-naseum. Great to know we can waltz into any city and be guaranteed an avocado toast with our flat white, but what the hell happens to all the pits once we're through?

Straight into the bin we reckon, but actually the pit is full of nutrients and we've learned has many more uses than spreading on your toast in the morning. In fact, while on the hunt for avocado pits in Mexico, we spoke to a bartender whose grandma used to brew it as a tea whenever they were sick, as it's got a shitload of antioxidant properties. Turn's out the humble avocado seed has been part of the Mexican traditional medicine for centuries, all we're really doing is adding sugar!

So hit up your local cafe whilst you're grabbing your 3:00pm caffeine fix, ask them to set aside their  of their avocado pits and put this orgeat sub on for a try. Bonus points, you no longer have to pay out the fucking nose for almonds.

Avo Pit Orgeat

  • 4-5 Avocado Pits
  • 750g sugar
  • 750ml Water

Make sure your avocado pits are clean and dry, scrub off any of the green stuff still left on them and leave to thoroughly dry out either under heat or overnight. You can blitz them two ways, despite looking pretty hard, they contain a lot of moisture and are quite soft so blitz em up in a Vitamix or blender until they're pretty fine and consistent. Or you can use a microplane to grate them up. Then, over medium-high heat in a dry pan, give them a medium toast moving them around in the pan contantly. They'll turn bright orange and then get a toast on pretty quickly. Thats the hard part done (this recipe is annoyingly simple). 

Add your toasted pits to the sugar and water and stir, if you want a richer syrup you can drop the water by half. Leave to infuse overnight, give the whole lot a blitz in the Vitamix or blender the next day and strain through a superbag. Done! 

As you can see this is just the base recipe and open for so many variations. If you want to do more of a falernum, add some spices (cinnamon, allspice, clove, anise) to the pan to toast with the pit, and then a leftover orange and lime husk to infuse with the lot overnight. Subbing out different sugars works awesome too and using as the base to blend with different nuts so you can reduce you consumption is also a great move!