Watermelon Rind Cordial

watermelon rind.jpeg

After bringing Trash Tiki to Asia, North America and South America over the last 5 months there has been one ingredient that we have come across many times, espcially in the heat of summer. Watermelon.

One of summers favourite flavours winds up in everything from mojitos to margaritas, but what we have found in common with all this summery business though is three things. One, the pink flesh goes off quickly making mise en place and batching something of a ball ache. Two, the pink flesh doesn't sit very well in drinks, meaning it separates quickly and your cocktail winds up with floating pink scummy cap (gross). And of course three,  that the rinds get thrown out every damn time.

What the rind have though, is a shitload of flavour that often gets overlooked. The delicious juice is used loads, but the rind gets chucked. Here we made it into a super green and flavourful cordial by using our tried and true top secret method! Also known as "I don't know what the fuck to do with it, lets cover it in sugar and see what happens". 

So here ya go, tried and tested to the point its been an ingredient in the top selling drink more times than we can remember.  Do make sure you wash them first of course, and if some of the pink flesh is left on thats no biggie.


  • 200g Watermelon Rinds, washed 
  • 400g Sugar

Cut watermelon rinds into 2-4 inch pieces and lob in a cambro or large container. Cover with sugar, seal the container and leave in a refrigerator for 12-24 hours. Go do your shift, party or whatever it is you need to get done. Don't leave any longer than 24 hours, watermelon goes off and you don't wanna be cleaning up any smelly mess, especially with a hangover. The next day, most of the sugar should have dissolved into a liquid. Give the rest of the sugar a little stir and lob it all into a blender or vitamix and blend until the sugar has completely dissolved. Take out and strain through a mesh strainer and then through a superbag.

This one has a shorter shelf life that some, given that watermelon can go off a bit quickly. Refrigerated shelf life of 1-2 days and we don't recommend batching this in with any alcohol. Also if it's a big thick, you can of course add a touch of water after blending till you hit the consistency you want.

Thats it. Simple way to get a stable and consistent watermelon flavour in your cocktails, all while making sure the humble watermelon is never a single use ingredient again.