Bob Zombie

This guy was one of our first ever classics, and uses our most OG recipes. It's big on spice, fermenty pineapple and booze. While we originally made it from some of the baller fuck off tequilas we had lying around the house, feel free to swap in your favs or split your sprit base however you think is best. For it's use here, we've just simplified it to 2 tequilas plus a dash of mezcal...


45ml Blanco Tequila
10ml Resposado Tequla
2.5ml Mezcal (we used Del Maguay Vida)
10ml "Trash Mix" (Grapfefruit Stock & Cinnamon Syrup)
15ml Pineapple Tepache
10ml Spiced Avocado Pit Orgeat
2 Dashes Angostura

Build all ingredients in a tiki mug, add crushed ice and churn. Garnish with a shucked lime husk, sugar cube doused in overproof or lemon extract and light on fire! For extra tiki-ness finish with a light dusting of cinnamon.